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A few months after that visit, she suffered a heart attack and went into a coma. One night my little sister found me sitting in the darkened kitchen with my forehead flat on the table. Our friends start to notice and whisper to me. Today she is a competent, successful, happy young woman. He lost his job, however, when he came to work one day in bare feet and a suit slashed to shreds with razor blades. I now have a very special and personal relationship with my deceased grandmother. My older brother would disappear with our cousins, and my younger sister would fall asleep on a couch, but I would sit there feeling neglected and forgotten, asking my parents in tears if we could please go home.

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There is an emotional connection that sets being gay apart from being gay curious or merely having same-sex fantasies.

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Continue Reading. All Rights Reserved. He never apologized. At work I waited for the call I feared would come.

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A year later the marriage was over.

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