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Further, if rearing or social factors underlie the fraternal birth order effect, then the amount of time reared with older brothers, either biological or non-biological, should predict sexual orientation because rearing time determines the relative opportunity that older brothers have to affect their younger sibling's postnatal sociosexual development. The ov erall pre v alence of homose xuality in the. Both methods intended to "produce family-size-corrected variables for each of the four original sibling parameters older brothers, older sisters, younger brothers, and younger sisters. Log in No account? Individuals who identified having any same-sex sexual partner i. O Gay New World:

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THE likelihood of a man being gay is related to how many older brothers he has, with each sibling increasing his chances, a new study claims.

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The More Older Brothers You Have, The More Likely You Are To Be Gay. Now We Might Finally Know Why

Individuals who identified having any same-sex sexual partner i. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A CSF In vestigators. Blanchard and his colleagues believe the fraternal birth order effect has a biological basis in maternal immune responses in the womb — which they call the maternal immune hypothesis MIH. If an individual endorsed having any same-sex sexual fantasies at all i. Of course, it is very important that this study be replicated by an independent team using a fresh sample.

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Sign up Log out news. Correlative studies suggest that these mechanisms are also at play in humans. Despite this compelling evidence, a mechanism to account for the effect remained elusive. Fraternal Birth Order Effect. Journal of Psyc hiatry,

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