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The student must bend over a desk with nose or chest pressed to the desk. One of my favorite kinds of spanking aftercare is when my partner rubs cool lotion on my warm butt after. Do you know what your play partner likes, and in what contexts? Of course, this can be disconcerting if they know they will be spanked with even more abandon. Emphasis on their bottom. Safe, Sane, and Consensual. By combining all of these tactics — the raised knee, the elbow in the back, the hand in the small of the back — the spanker can effectively pin the spankee down and spank the daylights out of them.

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Fisting is not for beginners.

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Impact Play 101: How to Successfully Spank and Slap With Your Very Own Hands

I sometimes use spanking on its own, as an over the knee punishment session, which sometimes also includes hitting with a a folded belt or paddle. Remember, however, that everything in kink is consensual. It might be easier and more productive to bring it up for the first time outside of a sexual context, laying the groundwork and broaching the subject before mentioning it in the bedroom. Nipple torture typically involves using devices like nipple clamps, suction clamps, clothespins, needles, and mousetraps on the nipples in order to create a painful sensation, but using hands and teeth work fine too. Or in fact sex at all. Welcome to the ball.

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Make space for both you and your partner to be honest about what you both feel and need afterward! Guys who enjoy getting flogged are masochists. A safe word is a word or phrase that submissives use to stop a scene. People might enjoy giving or receiving spankings for either of these reasons; many people like both. Since pillows are compressible, it may take three or four to achieve the proper elevation. An important theme throughout all the videos is that the guy getting spanked is not choosing this because they enjoy CP.

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