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The man excavated some more and told her to try with all her strength to get out. Murata and the Nakamuras into the cart, put the two Nakamura girls aboard, and prepared to start out. Ceilings and partitions had fallen; plaster, dust, blood, and vomit were everywhere. And when Father Kleinsorge gave water to some whose faces had been almost blotted out by flash burns, they took their share and then raised themselves a little and bowed to him, in thanks. Some were vomiting as they walked.

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He arrived at the hospital at seven-forty and reported to the chief surgeon.

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For weeks, he had been feeling oppressed by the hatred of foreigners that the Japanese seemed increasingly to show, and he had been uneasy even with his Japanese friends. He got permission to go to Mukaihara. The children were filthy and bruised, but none of them had a single cut or scratch. There he heard people crying for help under a nearby fallen roof. The first thing they did was roughly to determine a center by observing the side on which telephone poles all around the heart of the town were scorched; they settled on the torii gateway of the Gokoku Shrine, right next to the parade ground of the Chugoku Regional Army Headquarters. He ran out of the house and deposited the suitcase in the mission air-raid shelter. They took her out into a courtyard.

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There had been no breeze earlier in the morning when Dr. Nakamura suggested going over to fight it. Miss Sasaki went back to her office and sat down at her desk. There he saw hundreds of people so badly wounded that they could not get up to go farther from the burning city. A bomb has fallen directly on us. Nakamura, although she was too ill to walk much, returned to Hiroshima alone, by electric car to the outskirts, by foot from there.

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