Troy aikman reacts to gay rumors

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My only regret about the book is that it does not say that Aikman is gay. But after seeing Bayless thrive for 16 years on one completely unproven piece of gossip, can you blame Troy for finally saying he's had enough? He's stayed in touch with the game by commentating for Fox Sports. Bonus offer. To state the obvious, attitudes towards homosexuality are rapidly changing in America. Barry claimed—and I know this seems out there, but the facts are the facts—that Troy played less than his best in both Washington games.

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The book Bayless is referring to is "Hell-Bent" which he wrote in Michael Irvin finished seventh on the popular show "Dancing with the Stars. In Jeff Pearlman's book "Boys Will Be Boys," the issue regarding Bayless' claims were addressed by members of the media who spoke about the impact of the columnist's words.

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Check out this interview The Starting Five did with Skip just two years ago: