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Hold the water in your ass for a few seconds, then relax and release it into the toilet. Some guys take this to risky extremes and will stay blindfolded on a bed in a hotel room with the door unlocked for a day or two not recommended, since this can lead to bodily harm and loss of valuables and property. Sugar-free psyllium husk fiber can be purchased on its own, and I have even seen it sold in capsule form. The opening and closing of this muscle on its own can be very erotic. This means that lube is really, really important for any anal play. Relaxation Relaxation is probably the most important factor in enjoying anal stimulation. Most of them are too hard, and many of them have a rough, porous texture.

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My backup plan is to always carry a douche in a drawstring bag, but this is not always doable.

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Consume high amounts of fiber. Start with you receiving on top and gaining control of your muscles before moving around to new positons. I admittedly do not masturbate as much as I used to, and it takes me much longer to cum when I do not have something in me. So you are taking the plunge. Douching too much can lead to bowel problems — so you should try to do it no more than times a week. My backup plan is to always carry a douche in a drawstring bag, but this is not always doable. If you are able to carry a douche or enema with you, you might want to at least do a squirt after you take a hit.

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Different gay men have argued the health benefits of doing this. This paranoia has ruined sex for me several times in my life and frustrated tops who knew what they were getting into — literally. While I agree that most responsive healthcare regimens are less healthy in the long run than preventative care — our overmedicated society is evidence of that — I concede here that monthly STI testing and PrEP jointly face a present reality: I know some guys who are good to go after one squirt. Many guys move on to using a douching bulb or enema.

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