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That report had its origins in a longer ethnography which was based on data gleaned from the QSB website, 2 a QSB e-mail list, the home pages of several QSB list subscribers, and e-mail interviews and personal correspondence with a little over a tenth of the QSB membership. They also downplay the importance of sexuality -- both on the web and in public — subordinating, but not suppressing, their homosexuality to a public skinhead identity. Articles lacking in-text citations from April All articles lacking in-text citations All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from August Articles with Curlie links CS1 maint: On OIquite openly anti-racist SHARP- and ARA posts are much less likely to draw flames than are posts given a neo-nazi- or "white power"-flavor by the inclusion of a small amount of political rhetoric or coded language. While this paper was being revised the San Francisco QSB affiliated crew split because some members refused to back other members up in a parking lot fight following an Oi! Both the North American OI list and the European SKINS list function as places where travelling skins can announce their itineraries and link with skins who can serve as hosts at local skinhead venues in the areas they are planning to visit. Fenix Gay Skinhead Nation, http:

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Since those who are logged on can enter into private discussions, any language might be used.

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Nicky Crane: The secret double life of a gay neo-Nazi

Views Read Edit View history. On the basis of personal communication supported by a good deal of anecdotal net evidence, it can safely be suggested that North American gay skins -- at least those who post on OI and are associated with QSB -- are likely to view many Europeans who claim to be gay skinheads as not skinheads at all, but rather as "fashion skins" whose main interest is in skinhead gear as a sexual fetish. This ethnography is available on the web 3 and has been linked to from the QSB website, which suggests that QSB members find it a fairly accurate report. Of course what is most striking is the frequency with which posts begin with the Cockney "Oi! They also downplay the importance of sexuality -- both on the web and in public — subordinating, but not suppressing, their homosexuality to a public skinhead identity. Gay skinheads have been featured on the catwalks of fashion designers Alexander McQueen and Jean-Paul Gaultier since the early s. Posters on the list refer to each other as mates rather than pals or buddies.

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OI posters still occasionally end their messages with "Cheers". They socialize with other skinheads -- whether straight of gay, male or Chelsies female — particularly for the consumption of beer though not everyone drinks: In addition, QSB skins reject the mainstream gay community as being too commercial, too middle-class and too centered round youthful good looks. OI is the younger of the two e-mail lists; the QSB began as a web community in and is currently evolving into an association of on-the-ground crews who socialize together. The profile of QSB list subscribers that emerged may be somewhat surprising both to straight skinheads on both sides of the Atlantic and to those who follows the gay skinhead movement in Europe: We have already shifted out attention from language choice to choice of topics, and it is what is discussed on the two lists that will now be the focus of our consideration.

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