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But I often go for bigger, just for the challenge. But I do love a big, hard cock! SMHG the hirsute male. Every guy is his own stink factory. Just fills your hole fully and is hard enough to hit all the good spots. Average dick guys really want to make sure bother people get off and do not like their dick is a magic wand you have to earn the right to touch.

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I just love that feeling of being stuffed with a big sausage!! Sunday, June 3, Sunday, May 13, Fingering and savoring ripe hairy funk hole. This blog contains sexual explicit gay material and should only viewed by visitors of legal age in their respective State or Country. Hairy Hole Dump 4 years ago. Cocks And Asses Only. Some Guys with average dicks can pound Nails with their cocks cause the get so hard.

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Friday, June 15, Sergeant's gooch doesn't pass the sniff test. All the elements I like: Just like in this double-feature, guys often fart as soon as I pull their legs back for a rim before a fuck. I always tell 'em that farts are encouraged in my bed. You like that stink, boy?

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