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It took a rousing town hall meeting — in which she defended herself, her students proved the efficacy of her teaching, and several townsfolk spoke on her behalf — to save her job. Malaysian and international investigators have been looking into why the jet veered thousands of miles off course from its scheduled route before eventually plunging into the Indian Ocean. The report said there was no sign the plane was evading radar detection or that it was taken over by remote control. The series increased its cast and storytelling possibilities this year in addition to expanding its world by spending more time outside the borders of Avonlea. While Anne feels at home among such creative and passionate people, Diana is ill at ease. You have to saw through the husk — called the exocarp — to get at the fruit.

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No irregularities were found in the on-board cargo, which included items like lithium batteries and about 2, kgs of mangosteen.

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Historically, the mangosteen has been known to the Western world for centuries. World Monday, 30 Jul 6: Anne reveals in Love is Love that she is gay after a trip to Europe with Ashley.

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One of the reasons why the fruit has not been exported widely until now is its reputation for harbouring fruit fly.