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Look for me in here whenever you parents go into town. We sat on the couch together drinking our ice cold beers from the fridge. After that strip including underwear. That's why I gave you an extra Viagra this morning, so your cock will be rock hard when they find you and it will make them think that you enjoy this, no matter what you tell them. Part 1 - Zeus. The Sarge then went to the door, opened it and ordered his slave-privates into the office before closing the door behind them. I returned to the car and entered the boy's home address on my GPS.

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Bara was smiling down at me.

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The Slave Diaries: Becoming a Slave

My heart was racing I returned to the car and entered the boy's home address on my GPS. I made my voice stern. Over the last seven days I've forced the boy to wear the headset and watch the porn of himself being fucked and bound 24 hours a day while feeding him stimulants every few hours. To reveal his flaccid dick.

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It was 9am and his parents would be home at noon. I want you to take off all your clothes and then stand in front of me at attention. My Name is Dave Ch. A moment later, the two large black men that I had found online entered the room and walked up to the boy. He smiled and we kissed then deciding to slap my ass harder. He removed his pouch from his leather trousers.

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