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God bless and I will see you on the other side. Have you ever been to Boston? My vote for greatest coach of all time; Spencer Tracy. I try to do the best possible job I can do to portray that character and what he's going through. Sam briefly joined a Canadian team, the Montreal Alouettes, but quit abruptly last year and announced he was retiring for fear of suffering mental health problems, a real danger highlighted by the new Will Smith film, Concussion. I really think this is made a bigger thing than it is.

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You'll see that dealt with over the course of the next few episodes.

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Joe Lombardi

He comes from a point of view of constantly wanting to prove himself to the other guys, and prove to them that he's the guy that they're going to want next to them in a life or death situation. And Stephen Pasquale with his? He did not care if you were gay, straight, had a disability, or about the colour of your skin. So it sounds like Ray McDonald was the first openly gay player. Maybe something positive will come out of this.

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Lombardi would have been thrilled to have a journeyman fill in player? Calm Before Shane Gallo. But I think at the end of the day all the characters have redeeming qualities, and I think it doesn't change the fact that they're running into these burning buildings when everyone is running out. Email this page to a friend. And Lombardi is sexier than ever. Is this what happens to a site when they are bought by NBC?

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