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Welcome to Americans for Trutha national organization devoted exclusively to exposing and countering the homosexual activist agenda. Griffin says that ina group of lesbians in Chicago threw a series of bashes known as "Mickey Mouse's parties. Astute viewers noted that in Zootopiaaspiring police officer Judy Hopps lives next to a gay couple. The popularity of the event is seen by some attendees as a way of "reclaiming" normal joys of childhood lost to homophobia in their earlier years. This revival did not happen. The Reluctant Dragona short produced inis extremely queer, even if it's not necessarily gay. Christian groups accused Disney of not doing anything to stop the event.

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That support was punctuated recently when Disney decided to cut off donations, beginning next year, to the Boy Scouts in a narrowly focused program because the youth organization bans gay adult leaders.

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The rest of the week is fairly benign. When I asked whether some families had complained after arriving at Magic Kingdom only to learn that thousands upon thousands of homosexuals engaging in same-sex kisses, etc. This New World. The two male antelopes next door share the same last name:

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Sanders, rumored to be bisexual, had won an Academy Award for playing a subtextually queer theater critic who blackmails Eve Harrington Anne Baxter into a marriage of convenience in All About Eve.

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