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Three remarkable things that cannot be denied: Probably the first gay dance party ever held on the beach. We are not all the same, just like any other group. BTW, is Queerty going to mention that Mozambique decriminalized homosexuality? Congratulations to Mozambique and its people.

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16 Steamy Photos of the Massive Circuit Festival in Miami

The street party runs around-the-clock, and the Southern Decadence circuit party dance events take place at night. There was a party every weekend in one of the major cities. The support of the city of Palm Springs and the 35 percent gay population, which is largely due to this event. Things got pretty wet and wild, and we have the pictures to prove it. Onto the 90s and the birth of the circuit party. Jake D I feel like to go to these party, I must follow the pattern:

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This event lives up to its wild reputation every year. This is the biggest gay event in New Orleans and surrounding areas. This party has put Dallas on the gay party list of cities to visit for almost 15 years. What makes this event continue to lead the rest is a combination of several things. EyeJelly Are paunchy people allowed or do they just kill them at the door? Also, it is not uncommon to have your straight friends want to join you at a gay music festival. It was ten days of non-stop fun in the Spanish sun.

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