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And in exchange, gay people are expected to prove that we can take a joke. In fact, it sounds remarkably like the kind of joke you straight people used to tell back when you hated us. And so will some gay people. Over and over again. Instead, it was a series of jokes about toe-painting and prison rape.

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Malakar was seventeen years old at the time.

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Ben Affleck Smuggled Matt Damon Onto Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscar Show – WATCH

You know what would be completely hilarious? Traditionally, this has been par for the course in American comedy. In fact, watching this particular gag replay itself so many times, I was reminded of the original Rat Pack — in particular of Sammy Davis Jr. Kimmel got his start in the world of radio, not generally known for its tolerance or pro-gay views. But why is that any more of a joke than Silverman having sex with the already-married Damon?

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But on the other hand, Kimmel, who declined to be interviewed for this article, has frequently found himself accused of saying or doing gay-offensive things, or at the very least being insensitive toward gays and gay issues. In it, Pablo interviewed the freakiest gay people he could find, two of them having — get this — foreign accents, a sure-fire laugh for hack comedians for the past hundred years. You know what would be completely hilarious? In this typical Man Show sketch, Kimmel wonders if his son might be gay:. Jay Leno, not exactly known for being cutting edge, has toned down the gay stereotypes after being famously derided in a open letter from Avenue Q playwright Jeff Whitty. And in exchange, gay people are expected to prove that we can take a joke. In other words, Affleck is saying, the idea of the two of them having sex is the joke, or at least a big part of it.

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